Employment & Labour Law

Employment law is a highly specialized area, and it is critical for employers to consult a subject matter expert. Let our experienced lawyers take care of these tasks for you and ensure that your business complies with the law.We have built a reputation for providing strategic employment advice to local and global organizations.

When dealing with the complexities of employment law, it pays to have a professional with the right experience. Our team of employment lawyers provide a wide range of advice on employment law and industrial relations including:

  • Employment contract & employee benefits
  • Employee handbook & human resource policy
  • Settlement of disputes between employers & employees
  • Unfair termination, constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal
  • Representation in the Industrial Court and High Court
  • Judicial Review Proceedings
  • Managing employee issues and termination
  • Retrenchment exercise & restructuring
  • Contracts for Independent Contractors and Freelancers
  • Founders service contracts
  • Employee stock options